Atheist essay contest 2011

Laura Lou Oh my God. I really want to do this. What the heck would that accomplish?

Atheist essay contest 2011

Atheism having no belief in a god or goddess Part 1 Two of five topics to put Atheism in perspective: Atheism is a difficult topic to discuss: A deity is a supernatural being whose powers greatly exceed those of humans.

For those who believe in the existence of only a single deity, that being is often regarded as having created the universe. A god is a male deity. However, among those who believe that a particular god is a spirit without a physical body, the concept of gender as applied to such a deity is not necessarily obvious.

A goddess is a female deity. We are unaware of a term that refers to a gender-neutral deity.

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Sponsored link Some definitions related to Atheist and Atheism: Most people, at least Atheist essay contest 2011 the U. To do so, would mean that one would have to know everything there is to know about the universe.

Therefore theists -- people who believe in one or more deities -- should not expect an atheist to have to prove that no god exists. Some people define Atheism to be a religion because: Most Atheists have developed a moral code to accompany their Atheism.

Almost all religions also have moral codes. If one asks most people, who regard themselves as atheists, what their religion is, they will often respond "Atheist. American Atheists take the position that Atheism is neither a belief system nor a religion.

Two commonly used retorts to the nonsense that atheism is a religion are: When this web site went online inthe Government of Canada would not allow the organization behind the web site to qualify as a registered charity. That is because the site deals with religion, and the Government required that such groups teach that least one deity exists before they could register as a non-profit.

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So we had no option but to register as a for-profit group. Similarly, the Government of Ontario refused our original choice of name which was "Ontario Center for Religious Tolerance. Because we had already use the acronym "OCRT" frequently on our web site, we adopted the rather awkward name "Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

Some consider Agnostics as being within the Atheism fold, because the former also have no firm belief in the existence of God. Some Agnostics consider themselves to be Atheists because -- in the unlikely event that they have to made a personal decision based on the existence of God -- they would assume that God does not exist.

It is doubtful that the terminology involving the terms Atheist and Agnostic will be clarified any time soon.

Atheist essay contest 2011

One attempt at clarification was made by Richard Dawkins in A person holding a value greater than 0. Dawkins, who is often regarded as the most famous Atheist in the world, describes himself as a 6. Atheists are distrusted intensely in the U. Gallup has been asking American adults since the year whether they would vote for a member of various groups to be president.

In mid, they asked the question: If your party nominated a generally well-qualified person for president who happened to be would you vote for that person?

In the JUN poll:Topics, rules and deadlines for the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s high school, college and graduate/mature student essay scholarship competitions have been released. FFRF, an educational state/church watchdog that has 16, members nationwide, has offered essay competitions to college.

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The weaknesses of the Ontological argument give support to Atheism. Discuss this statement. Anselm’s ontological argument described in part (a), was refuted in his own lifetime, by Gaunilo, who demonstrated in a reduction ad absurdum of his own, that if the logic of the argument were applied to things other than God, it led to invalid conclusions.

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Brian Bolton Graduate/"Older" Student Essay Contest. THIS YEAR'S TOPIC: The Dangers of Bibliolatry in the United States. PROMPT: Biblioatry is defined as "worship of the bible." What are the dangers of basing social policy or laws on the bible?

FFRF is a member of Atheist Alliance International, the Secular Coalition for America.

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Get updates from Daylight Atheism delivered straight to your inbox. Also, send me the Nonreligious Newsletter and special offers. An Essay on . Atheism (having no belief in a god or goddess) Part 1 Two of five topics to put Atheism in perspective: 1.

Atheism is ambiguous & difficult to discuss.

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