Correlation of using computer aided instruction in

Educational expansion and constraint over the last decade form the backdrop of any examination of the role of technology. One of these educational expansions is the computer-aided instrument or sometimes abbreviated as CAI which refers to a computer or computer system. The program can adapt to the abilities and preferences of the individual student and increase the amount of personalized instruction a student receives.

Correlation of using computer aided instruction in

University of North Texas Description This research sought to determine what relationship exists between time-on-task in computer-aided instruction CAI using Destinations courseware and progress in reading ability of developmental reading students as indicated by the reading portion of the Texas Academic Skills Program TASP test.

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Time-on-task is the time during which a student actively works on Destinations activities, as recorded by the software management system. TASP, an exam required of all students in Texas public colleges, assesses reading, math, and writing skills.

Null hypotheses were explored using Pearson correlation and linear multiple regression. The findings for the null hypotheses were the following: Ho1 - Correlation and linear regression correlation showed that time-on-task in Destinations CAI had no significant effect on the TASP scores of the population studied.

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Ho3 - Correlation and linear regression correlation showed that low-achiever students made no better gains on the TASP test from time-on-task in CAI than high-achiever students.

Difference between the two group's gains was not statistically significant. Only the regression equations for male students and female students separately were statistically significant.

CAI Computer-assisted instruction CAIa program of instructional material presented by means of a computer or computer systems. The use of computers in education started in the s.

The researcher recommends replication of this study each semester to determine the effectiveness of CAI. Regular and systematic evaluation using pretest and posttest data will provide benchmarks so that the value of changes in instructional methods can be measured.

This method of research can help to clarify questions that should be answered through other research methods.actually use the computer-aided instruction.

In addition, we test for heterogeneity in treatment effects by a student’s baseline math achievement and attendance record in the prior year, as well as by the size of the student’s class, the. The study investigates effectiveness of computer aided teaching on students’ academic achievement science and technology course by teaching acid-base subject with simulation and animation aided teaching material in computer environment.

Computer Aided Instruction. ABSTRACT Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) is a diverse and rapidly expanding spectrum of computer technologies that assist the teaching and learning process. This type of system is perfect for the needs of children.

The proponents aimed for the implementation of the said system to a school under the Preparatory level, Merry Treasure School. Computer-assisted instruction (CAI), a program of instructional material presented by means of a computer or computer systems.

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The use of computers in education started in the s. With the advent of convenient microcomputers in the s, computer use in schools has become widespread from primary education through the university level and even in some preschool programs.

COMPUTER-ASSISTED INSTRUCTION IN STATISTICS William W. Cooley School of Education and Department of Computer Science University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I am pleased that the organizers of this Conference on Statistical Computation saw fit to include a session on the teaching of statistics with computers.

of Computer assisted instruction.

Correlation of using computer aided instruction in

Advanced instruction in the principles and fundamentals of computer-aided 1 of the Capstone/Thesis lays the critical foundation for an exhibition proposal.

use of computer-assisted instruction improves secondary school learners' performance in science. This paper Proposal and Thesis Writing: An introduction.