Hamburger model for persuasive writing

History[ edit ] Hundreds of graphic designs of animals by prehistoric social groups in the Chauvet Cavelocated in the south of France, which were created earlier than 30, BCE; [2] similar designs in the Lascaux cave of France completed earlier than 14, BCE; [3] designs left by hunters in the Bhimbetka rock shelters in India before 7, BCE; [4] Aboriginal rock art in the Kakadu National Park of Australia; [5] and many other rock or cave paintings in other parts of the world show that graphic art emerged very early in the development of prehistoric human cultures worldwide. This history — along with that of writing, which had begun at least by the late 4th millennium BCE — together constitute the foundation of graphic design. Rock and cave art[ edit ] Drawing of horses in the Chauvet cave.

Hamburger model for persuasive writing

Design Patterns 8 Summary: One such new UI component is the card — a snapshot-like display intended to encourage users to click or tap to view more details. A card is container for a few short, related pieces of information. It roughly resembles a playing card in size and shape, and is intended as a linked, short representation of a conceptual unit.

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This wireframed example of a card component features several different types of information: The design with optional rounded corners visually resembles a playing card; the card has a visible border, is placed on a contrasting background, and uses a slight drop shadow as a signifier that the entire card is clickable.

This card also contains two secondary clickable elements the hashtag dayhikes and the Share buttonseparated from the content area by a horizontal line. Note that this line doesn't undermine the visual grouping of the entire card.

Cards are often associated with flat design 2. Though the basic concept is older, in the last few years, cards have received a lot of attention in the software-design world, with many high-profile sites and companies e.

English Vocabulary Word List - Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled From 3 Small ESL Dictionaries

Cards have 4 key properties: Cards are used for grouping information. A card chunks several different but related pieces of information into one digestible unit — be it an article on a news website, a product on an ecommerce site, or a post on a social app.

A single card will typically include a few different types of media, such as an image, a title, a synopsis, sharing icons, or a call-to-action button — all associated with the same concept. Cards present a summary and link to additional details. A card is usually short and offers a linked entry point to further details, rather than the full details themselves.

Hamburger model for persuasive writing

It is intended as a high—information-scent outline used to entice users to click through to further details contained on a separate page. Cards resemble physical cards.

Cards use a border around the grouped content, and the background color within the card that differs from background color of the underlying canvas. These visual-design elements create a strong sense that the different bits of information contained within the border are grouped together.

Quite often, cards use a slight drop shadow to show depth, which is a clickability signifier. For most implementations, clicking or tapping anywhere on the card link to a details page though some cards, like the one in our previous example, also include some secondary call-to-action buttons or links in addition to the main link available.

Cards allow for flexible layouts. When multiple cards are used together in a layout, they often do not all have the same type of information — some cards might include a text summary, hashtags, or an image whereas other cards on the same page may include totally different details.

Cards allow for varying height to accommodate differing amounts or types of content, but typically the width is fixed from one card to the next. Pinterest's use of cards showcases how cards excel at grouping together heterogenous items, where each card features different types and amounts of information and, thus, occupies a different amount of vertical space.

Each card uses visual elements such as background color,border, and shadow to differentiate itself from the background, clearly group the card elements, and indicate clickability. Clicking on a card takes the user to a detail screen for that content.

Without the visual style of the card, grouping each item's ingredients together clearly in a way that separates them from other items on the page would require a lot more negative space and would waste valuable screen real estate on mobile phones and tablets.

Hypertext Card Model Seasoned UX pros may recognize the card concept as being related both in name and in concept to the card or deck-of-cards model of presenting linked information from the dawn of hypertext, in the s.

This model refers to splitting content into discrete pages of fixed size and is an alternative to vertical scrolling: This card model saw a revival when the iPad first came outwhen many apps were trying to control the look of each page presented to the user.

You are probably familiar with the deck-of-cards paradigm from mobile weather apps — most of them employ it for displaying the weather in different cities.Across many tasks, learning curves show an initial learning period, followed by a plateau of optimal efficiency.

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English Vocabulary Word List Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled from 3 Small ESL Dictionaries ( Words). Heroic men, heroic women, and animals.

See also the section The courage of the bullfighters, which includes material on the courage of the rock climbers and mountaineers, including the remarkable achievements of the free climber Alex Honnold..

"Hamburger Model for Persuasive Writing" Link Once you have fully completed the steps above, you are ready to begin your final speech. Your final speech will be due at the end of the week for presentation. Mormon women blogging about the peculiar and the treasured. 1. OBITUARY JACOB H. CONN (), 86, A PSYCHIATRIST, IS DEAD: NEW YORK TIMES: Dr. Jacob Harry Conn, a psychiatrist and educator for 50 years, died Wednesday at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He was 86 years old and lived in Baltimore. Dr. Jacob Harry Conn, a psychiatrist and educator for 50 years, died Wednesday at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

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