How to write a script for a book trailer

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How to write a script for a book trailer

It's only a one minute script - how hard can that be? What you will need: Define your audience, genre, trailer goal and reader's expectation. You will not use all of them, just a select few.

Trailer level and approach. The book trailer length rule-of-thumb is one minute. As you shorten to 30 seconds, it becomes more of a challenge to present the interesting bits and the directive.

Here are the four elements of a book trailer and the order in which they usually appear. The lead and hook may be combined if what is different is included in the opening lead. Why should I give you 30 seconds of my time? Amaze — Hook — Why is this book different?

Direct — Directive — How do I learn more or buy?

Write like you speak

To quote Wiki, AIDA is an acronym used in marketing and advertising that describes a common list of events that may occur when a consumer engages with an advertisement.

A — attention Awareness: Grab the audience right from the start Now that Google owns YouTube, it is placing commercials in front of videos and permitting the viewer to skip the commercial after five seconds.

This is called Google TrueView. The challenge for the advertiser is to grab viewers in that five seconds, or they are gone. The same applies to your trailer. Grab with the first line.

The Drowned Cities is one of my favorites for grabbing the viewer. Think hard how many seconds will your viewer give you. For fiction unless it is a book by a well known author you probably have ten seconds.

Non-fiction needs to lead with the problem you are solving with the book. Using a minute of slow build-up to the exciting climax may be a nice idea but most people will not get there. Remember the next video is only a click away.

When you view a video on the web, particularly on a news site, sometimes there is an ad you have to watch before the video appears. You can not skip the ad or fast forward. This is called a video "Pre-Roll. The drawbacks to the viewer are obvious and often I just close the browser tab thinking "I didn't want to see the video that bad.

The ad appears before the video but you only have to watch five seconds then you can skip the ad. On the left the length of the advertisement is displayed. If the ad is long this encourages the viewer to skip it. Think about your behaviour. Would you watch a 2: Five seconds later Tradition 15 or 30 seconds are recycled from TV for these but the odds are the user will just click to skip.

Just like in a book trailer, you have to grab the audience up front. In a Google TrueView ad you have five seconds to grab the viewer.

Talk about needing a short "Lead. Deliver a viewer benefit the sale items in the first five seconds so even if the viewer skips the advertiser got their key message out If the user skips the advertiser does not pay for the ad as the first five seconds are free Talk directly to viewer and tease them about staying around.

It is the old adage - "If you can't fix it then feature it. Great advice for book trailer designers. Trailer Elements Another consideration in your trailer is what type of elements will you use. A simple book trailer uses photos, music and titles to form a visual slide deck.Script Mailer submits to all major agencies (including ICM, CAA & William Morris) Furthermore, if you have an idea for a film or television series, Script Mailer can put you in touch with over producers and production companies.

Book Trailers give your book life! Make a name for yourself by making a trailer for your book. Since a book trailer can easily go viral, making one for your book is the best way for you to get recognition from librarians, book sellers, most importantly from your prospective buyers.

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how to write a script for a book trailer

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Feb 22,  · The trailer featured locations, characters, and book set in the same era as my own—Victorian London.

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All I requested from the company was a quote regarding the cost of hiring them to create a book trailer for me. This morning I was writing a horror story and I realized that the structure of a classic horror story is different than the typical hero's journey.

In this post I ask, and attempt to answer, two questions: 1) What exactly is the structure of a horror story?

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