Middle school newspaper writing activities

Key's — student body of was Kilmer has a GT program for students who have been determined to be "Gifted and Talented". Kilmer is also known for its outstanding band and orchestra program. Under the direction of conductor Brett Dodson, the Kilmer Symphonic band has been recognized as one of the best middle school bands in the state.

Middle school newspaper writing activities

Paper What You Do: Choose a hobby that your child has, such as a sport or fine arts activity. Ask your child to use a few adjectives to describe the hobby. For example, basketball is exciting, our team is good, our coach is tough.

middle school newspaper writing activities

Now ask your child to try to use those adjectives as inspiration to write some sentences using metaphors. For instance, are your coach tough as nails? Is your point guard as fast as a rocket? After your child has written about 5 sentences, ask him to identify which ones are metaphors and which ones are similes.

Assess whether he understands the difference between them.

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Next, move onto personification. Ask your child to look outside and around the room and write down ten words that are objects, such as trees, clouds, stars, and the sun. Then ask your child to describe those objects and imagine what they would be like if they could do things that humans can do.

As a hint, have him think about using verbs to describe actions that the objects could take if they were personified. Then practice writing some sentences using personification. Related learning resources Worksheet Simile or Metaphor Can you tell the difference between a simile and a metaphor?

Students will seek to distinguish between—and determine the meanings of—simple similes and metaphors with this multiple choice activity.ReadWriteThink back to school lesson plans for the middle school level classroom.

I have purchased numerous books about journalistic styles of writing, but this particular handbook really got me started. As a middle school teacher, I had difficulty in finding books with proper journalistic language and with sound newspaper advice.

LAUNCHING LEARNING CENTERS IN THE MIDDLE GRADES Presented By CINDY BLEVINS ELA Middle School Instructional Support Teacher Garland ISD plombier-nemours.com [email protected] A practical series that provides over stimulating, ready-to-use activity sheets to help teach and reinforce writing skills in middle/junior high and senior high school students, grades MISSION STATEMENT.

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