Remembering the holocaust

BY Michelle Boston August 14, The remnants of the Majdanek concentration camp stand as a reminder of the atrocities of the Holocaust. His early years were idyllic. He was born in the bustling city of Lodz in to a deeply observant Jewish family of winemakers.

Remembering the holocaust

More Arriving at the home of Betty Cohen, who miraculously survived the Auschwitz Birkenau Death Camp, I was greeted by her son, Jerry, whose life was a result of a miracle as well.

I would later learn that Jerry came into this world despite the horrific efforts of Dr.

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Mengele, the infamous German officer and physician who performed inhumane experiments on the prisoners of the death camps, without any regard for their health, safety, physical or emotional suffering.

Jerry would briefly chat and then he was off to a golf game and lunch with his daughter. I was deeply honored at this opportunity to photograph Betty, who was very sharp and energetic at the age Remembering the holocaust Betty looked so good, I teased her that she must be lying about her age.

Then Betty proceeded to tell me that I could ask her any questions, with the exception of her love live. She was going to be a wonderful subject, I could easily tell. Seriously, she said all questions would be permissible.

Betty was born on March 23, in Amsterdam. As a young toddler, she moved with her family to a town called Hilversum, 20 miles southeast of Amsterdam. Inthey would be ordered by the Nazis to relocate to Amsterdam. She was already engaged to Al Cohen, who she met in May ofjust a few days before the Germans attacked Holland.

Betty recalled that many times all they had to eat was beans, and that you could imagine what that meant. In April ofthe Gestapo learned of their location and broke down the front door of the home.

They were forced to leave and all the family took was what they could carry. Their first stop would be Westerbork, a transit camp where Jews were held until being deported to concentration camps in Poland.

Just a month later, they would leave Westerbork and be transported via cattle car to Birkenau, a concentration camp used as a killing center. On the way, Betty was told by her father that the family would likely be separated and perhaps never see each other again.

With lots of crying, commotion and apprehension, Betty recalls going down the ramp of the train car and being sent to the showers with other women. Fortunately for her, she was considered an able woman and did not receive the fate of most others.

After the shower, she lost her personal identity and received a tattoo which would be her sole identification for the rest of the war. To make matters even worse, during her first night at the camp, Betty stepped outside the barracks to use the toilet.

It was at that time she recalled smelling a horrible smell and seeing flames rising toward the sky, which she knew were inmates being burned.

Remembering the holocaust

Betty marched in the snow for days as she witnessed prisoners being shot if they slowed down. After a few days she was taken by train to Ravensbruck, a horrible camp, Betty recalls.

Shortly after arriving, once again, they were forced to go on another march.

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This time, after a few days, Betty work up after falling asleep in a field and noticed that the guards and dogs were gone. They were married on Oct. Louis, now 77, became very successful in the record store business.

I happily obliged to take her to her nail appointment at the end of our photo session.

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Yasher Koach Betty, keep going with strength!!Jan 27,  · On Holocaust Remembrance Day, look back at the horrific genocide in photos more than 70 years after it ended. Some countries in Eastern Europe, like Ukraine, remain reluctant to fully confront the darker aspects of their nation's World War II history.

With Holocaust Remembrance Day dawning last Saturday. Why remembering the Holocaust matters more than ever. Auschwitz survivor Philip Riteman says the Holocaust must be remembered so 'it doesn't happen again'.

This January 27, nations around the world will mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorating the most horrific evil ever perpetrated upon humanity: the near destruction.

We are remembering, first and foremost, all the victims, and that is not only the Jewish victims, but there were many non-Jewish victims. Of course, the Jews were the . Jan 27,  · Approximately 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust -- the Nazis' systematic attempt to exterminate the Jewish people.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, look back at .

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