Scooter sales in vietnam

Now, with the internet to help us, parts are less of a problem than they ever were. Additionally, a scooter to buy can be just a mouse click away. As I have tried to show throughout the buyers guide, not all models of Vespa and Lambretta are created equal, and some are more valuable than others. I have also mentioned that buying a scooter that is complete and in good condition can save you a lot of time, and often, a lot of money in the long run.

Scooter sales in vietnam

It would appear, however, that there are no laws against carrying unrestrained pigs in front baskets of scooters; or balancing up to four passengers on a single bike; or letting children as young as 12 take control of a vehicle. The best advice I hear in 17 days is given by an ex-pat in Saigon: And that track is getting beaten down fast: Australians are embracing Vietnam in record numbers — overAustralians are estimated to visit Vietnam in The island of Phu Quoc garners all my attention on my first night in Saigon.

I see a handwritten turn-off for Bai Thom and amble down a path with pot-holes the size of bomb craters. Goats wander across the road and small children appear suddenly out of the forest; then I see it — a wide, sandy beach ringed by coconut trees with a few tiny beach-side bars.

Some days I venture into its highlands, hiking its tallest peak, Mt Chua, before returning each evening to a bungalow on Long Beach. There are numerous options all along the beach here only a few minutes ride from Duong Dong — the ones I try all are humble affairs but have verandahs with hammocks that look out across the South China Sea.

I try a different bar and restaurant each night, but find a simple consistency to all of them: So, at six the next morning, I arrive in Dalat. I step off my overnight bus from Saigon into bitter degree weather, wearing only a t-shirt.

French colonists dubbed Dalat the Alps of Vietnam and came here to escape the monotonous humidity of the coast which stays a pleasant degrees year-round. I drive towards the best known waterfall, Elephant Falls — 30 kilometres west, past vegetable plots tended by armies of local workers in conical palm hats.

Scooter sales in vietnam

Winding my way round hair-pin corners on narrow bitumen roads I witness a landscape of lush green plantations ploughed by water buffalo. As I ride entire families pass me on scooters, balancing cumbersome farming equipment across their handlebars.

Further out 45 kilometres from Dalat I travel to Pongour Waterfall, said to be the most beautiful waterfall in the entire south of Vietnam — although I find Prenn Waterfall, just 10 kilometres from Dalat equally as pretty, cascading as it does down to a small valley of flowers and pines.

Taking his tip, I ride off across the Central Highlands, past roadside waterfalls and beside national parks.

Vietnam to Ban Motorcycles from Hanoi by

Some corners of the road are so tight I fear my brakes may burn out, and low cloud blocks out my view of the road entirely at times. Buses overtake me on blind corners, whilst logging trucks ignore the panic in my eyes. After the seclusion of Phu Quoc and Dalat, the mass of Australian travellers in Hoi An shocks my senses and takes away some of the romanticism of travelling blindly through Vietnam.

I find a beach entirely to myself, which appears to have no name at all. Then I ride another 50 kilometres west to the beautiful soaring valley villages around Mai Chau, where local farmers tend methodically to paddy fields.

Here I stay with a local family in a stilt house three metres above the ground.


According to the National Administration of Tourism, Vietnam anticipates to receive a whopping 10 to 15 million tourists per year by Perhaps then it will begin to lose its innocence and the ease in which visitors can explore a country well beyond its new beach resorts and the cheap cocktails that come at happy hour prices every sunset.

Till that time, all it takes is a set of scooter wheels — oh, and a plastic helmet. The Details How to get there: July and August is high season and can get very busy. It also looks out across a stunning lake.

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They have over 20 stalls serving barbecued seafood. Taking a motorbike tour through the Central Highlands with the Easy Riders.

The best thing about Vietnam: The worst thing about Vietnam: Particularly in Nha Trang and Danang huge resorts are becoming a blight on the scenery. Scooters are available from just about anywhere in Vietnam — hotels, backpackers, travel agents, petrol stations, you name it.

Fill out an application form online for a visa on arrival.The annual sales revenue of the company exceeds 1 Billion US dollars and it produces about , units of motorcycles and 20, automobiles per year. SYM currently employs around 2, people in its Taiwan manufacturing plants. Vietnam on Two Wheels – Buying a Bike Vietnam on Two Wheels is a series of blog posts detailing the grand adventure of making your way across the beautiful country of Vietnam .

Motorbike Rental When coming to Vietnam - land of motorbikes, many visitors would love to experience the thrilling feeling of riding on the “iron horse” and explore all the corners of the country by themselves.

We are a scooters shop established in Ha Tinh City - Vietnam. We specialize in Quality restoration and sales of Italy Piaggio Vespa and Innocenti Lambretta scooters.

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Hanoi, Vietnam, March 22, - Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. (President: Masayuki Igarashi), a Honda joint venture in Vietnam for production and sales of motorcycles and automobiles, today announced the release of the LEAD, a liquid-cooled cc single-cylinder scooter. Welcome to Saigon Scooter Rental!

We are happy to be able to provide the finest rental fleet of scooters available in HCMC. We understand your desire to set yourself free and get into the action on the streets of Vietnam.

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