Task centred practice essays for ged

Social theory helps us to understand the ways of the world and how we live in it. It also provides us with different outlooks on why things happen in the way they do, and how society is organised and structured in a certain way.

Task centred practice essays for ged

The task-centered model is a short-term, problem-solving approach to social work practice. It is a major approach in clinical social work The model consists of three phases. Initial phase The initial phase normally takes from one to two interviews although some cases may require more. It ends with setting up initial tasks.

Middle Phase The middle phase starts with the next session. Changes in the problems and the outcome of the tasks are reviewed at the beginning of the interview. If tasks have been accomplished, new tasks are developed. If tasks have not been attained, an effort is made to identify obstacles to task accomplishment.

Some obstacles may be resolved in the session, others may require tasks in their own right. Still others might prove insurmountable, in which case a different task strategy may be adopted.

Termination Phase Although only one session the final one is devoted to termination, the process of terminating is actually begun in the initial phase when the duration of treatment is set. Reminders of number of sessions left as well as discussion of modifications of the original limits keep termination alive throughout the course of service.

The final session is designed to emphasize what clients have learned and accomplished. The task-centered approach is addressed to the resolution of psychosocial problems. These are problems that arise in people's interactions with their environments.

They are defined by people's internal discomforts that relate to events in their external worlds Explanation of Role, Purpose, and Treatment Procedures Treatment begins with an explanation of role, purpose, and treatment procedures that will be used.

An explanation of the treatment approach is given as a basis for involving the client as a collaborator.

task centred practice essays for ged

Part of explaining the treatment approach includes providing the client with an overview of the phases of the model and of the activities that are central to the treatment process. Time Limits The task-centered model uses a time limits of 6 to 12 Identifying Problems and Assessment Whether the problem is brought up in an initial interview or further along in the case, practitioners attempt to determine how clients perceive their difficulties, to elicit relevant information about them, and to formulate problems in a way that clients find understandable and acceptable.

There are basically three routes for problem identification. The most common is through client initiation. Clients express complaints which are then explored. A second route is interactive. Problems emerge through a dialogue between the practitioner and client in which neither is a clear initiator.

In the third route to problem identification the practitioner is clearly the initiator. Psychosocial problems are imbedded in a context that influences and is influenced by the problem.

Although the primary purpose of the model is to resolve target problems, significant and enduring change in these problems is usually not possible unless accompanied by some degree of contextual change. An important secondary purpose of the model is to bring about contextual change as a means of preventing recurrence of problems and of strengthening the functioning of the client system.

Problem exploration covers certain essentials: Selecting Target Problems Next, target problems are selected. Target Problems are those concerns that the practitioner and client explicitly agree will become the focus of their work together.

These problems are based on what the client wants as these are examined and expressed in the initial encounters with the practitioner Prioritizing Target Problems After the client's problems are identified, they are ranked in order of importance to the client.

This ranking is usually the basis for deciding in which order the target problems will be addressed. Exploring Target Problems and Developing Problem Specification Following problem identification and initial exploration, the practitioner attempts to formulating the problem.

Usually practitioners initiate the process by stating the central concerns clients have expressed.GED En Espanol: Tips for Spanish Speakers Taking the GED Test. The GED high school equivalency exam is offered in Spanish.

While the Spanish version of the test covers the same content as the. Task Centered Model Task-Centered model is a time-limited, goal-oriented method designed to help individuals, groups, and families with problems living. The task-centered-model is designed to help clients solve problems through their own actions or through tasks that they select, plan, and accomplish with the support of a practitioner.

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