The beatles and led zeppelin compared essay

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The beatles and led zeppelin compared essay

The Beatles By the summer ofthe so-called British Invasion of pop music was at its peak. And while there were many worthy UK groups occupying the number 2 and below slots, the Beatles at 1 A and arguably, the Rolling Stones at 1 B ,were, well, musically number one. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles are inextricably linked together.

The Beatles were brought up by provincial working class families whose successful careers represented several steps up in class.

The beatles and led zeppelin compared essay

The Rolling Stones came together in London, the center of British culture. The entire band began to grow apart, both musically and personally. The Stones and the Beatles were polar opposites.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" vs. Their work was trendier at the time.

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When the Beatles arrived in America, within a year, they were most popular band in rock. On the other hand, the Rolling Stones have stayed together since the beginning and are still working as a band. They turned impudence into insolence, peace and love into aggression and overt sexuality.

Their album, the White Album, confirmed this idea.The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan fit under this category. Some consider The Beatles as the greatest rock band ever. They wrote a lot of rock songs and influenced many pop bands. Sep 22,  · In , musician and historian Elijah Wald published an overview of American pop from the s to the s he called How the Beatles Destroyed .

May 25,  · Led Zeppelin The Dancing Avocado Fillmore West San Francisco CA This is a Soundboard recording As Long As I Have You (Medley) () Led Zeppelin vs.

The Beatles led zeppelin was the best band ever because of their hard to play solo's and hard rock catchy tunes compared to The Beatles too. Jun 07,  · The Led Zeppelin of Albert Hall looks like a high school dance band compared to the Led Zeppelin of Madison Square Garden.

This can be partly explained by three years of touring, continuing commercial success, and the confidence that would come with them.

According to Howard Mylett’s excellent biography of Led Zeppelin, George Harrison once partied with the band, and he said it was like the early days of the Beatles in .

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