The life and works of the american architect natalie de blois

Later in her career, she worked as an architect in Houston and Austin and taught at the University of Texas. By the time she was ten, de Blois had already decided to become an architect, a career path supported by her father, a civil engineer, who encouraged her early interest in buildings. While she was still in junior high school, her father secured her access to mechanical drawing classes usually reserved for male students girls were expected to take home economics courses. The course helped Natalie cultivate the drafting skills that would serve her so well throughout her career, but it also exposed her to the gender bias she would confront throughout her professional life.

The life and works of the american architect natalie de blois

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The life and works of the american architect natalie de blois

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They are the present owners and occupants. Mr McPhail formerly operated a retail milk business in this city and purchased the farm, establishing his own dairy there to supply the commodity which he distributed to his customers in the city. After a number ot years Mr McPhail discontinued the milk business, disposed of some small parcels of the farm, but continues occupancy of the house and main part of the property, catering to the tourist trade.Natalie Griffin de Blois (April 2, – July 22, ) was an American architect.

She began her architectural career in and became known as a pioneer in the male-dominated world of architecture. She was a partner for many years in the firm of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, where, according to Beverly Willis, founder and chairwoman of the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, De Blois.

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"An Eloquent Eulogy to .

The life and works of the american architect natalie de blois

Biographical Note. Natalie de Blois was born in Paterson, New Jersey on April 2, In de Blois graduated from Columbia University's architecture program and took her first professional job with the firm Ketchum, Gina & Sharp. Read an Excerpt. The Last Castle 1 A Winter’s Tale That was the year she started spending her winters in New York again.

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Natalie Griffin de Blois | Pioneering Women of American Architecture