The situation of the world in rizal time essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Although he existed with a better lifeand belongs to a middle class family, it was clear for him how Filipino people suffered from the hands of the Spaniards who ruled the country in his time. He expressed his feelings and opinions in the situation with regards to the political status of the country through writing poems, novels and books.

The situation of the world in rizal time essay

Racial Discrimination Content It is difficult to say when Filipinos began to think of themselves as Filipinos and not simply as Tagalogs, Ilokanos or Visayans. Probably the preliminary stage in the development of national consciousness was reached when indios realized that they have something in common, that is, a common grievance against the Spaniards De la Costa Our national hero, Dr.

Rizal could not have thought of one people and one nation which include all people in archipelago without the influence of the social milieu of his time. Rizal was born and grew up in the 19th century, a period of massive changes in Europe, Spain and in the Philippines.

During this era, the glory and power of Spain had waned both in her colonies and in the world. Social scientists marked the 19th century as the birth of modern life as well as the birth of many nation-states around the world. The birth of modernity was precipitated by three great revolutions around the world: Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution is basically an economic revolution which started with the invention of steam engine and resulted to the use of machinery in the manufacturing sector in the cities of Europe.

It has changed the economy of Europe from feudalism—an economic system which relied on land and agriculture--to capitalism which relied on machinery and wage labor. The merchants of Europe who became rich through trade became the early capitalists of this emerging economy.

The situation of the world in rizal time essay

The Industrial Revolution that started in Europe had repercussions to the Philippine economy. A radical transformation of The situation of the world in rizal time essay economy took place between the middle of the eighteenth century and the middle of the nineteenth; something that might almost be called an agricultural revolution, with a concomitant development of agricultural industries and domestic as well as foreign trade De la Costa The economic opportunities created by the Industrial Revolution had encouraged Spain in to open the Philippine economy to world commerce.

As a result, new cities and ports were built. Foreign firms increased rapidly. Foreigners were allowed to engage in manufacturing and agriculture. Merchant banks and financial institutions were also established.

The British and Americans improved agricultural machinery for sugar milling and rice hulling and introduced new methods of farming. The presence of these foreign traders stimulated agricultural production, particularly sugar, rice, hemp, and—once the government monopoly was removed in —tobacco.

The situation of the world in rizal time essay

Furthermore, the fast tempo of economic progress in the Philippines during the 19th century facilitated by Industrial Revolution resulted to the rise to a new breed of rich and influential Filipino middle class. Non-existent in previous centuries, this class, composed of Spanish and Chinese mestizos rose to a position of power in the Filipino community and eventually became leaders in finance and education Agoncillo This class included the ilustrados who belonged to the landed gentry and who were highly respected in their respective pueblos or towns, though regarded as filibusteros or rebels by the friars.

The relative prosperity of the period has enabled them to send their sons to Spain and Europe for higher studies. Most of them later became members of freemasonry and active in the Propaganda Movement. Some of them sensed the failure of reformism and turned to radicalism, and looked up to Rizal as their leader PES The construction of steel bridges and the opening of Suez Canal opened shorter routes to commerce.

Faster means of communications enable people to have better contacts for business and trade. This resulted to closer communication between the Philippines and Spain and to the rest of the world in the 19th century Romero The French Revolution If the Industrial Revolution changed the economic landscape of Europe and of the Philippines, another great Revolution changed their political tone of the period—the French Revolution.

The French revolution started a political revolution in Europe and in some parts of the world. This revolution is a period of political and social upheaval and radical change in the history of France during which the French governmental structure was transformed from absolute monarchy with feudal privileges for the rich and clergy to a more democratic government form based on the principles of citizenship and inalienable rights.

With the overthrow of monarchial rule, democratic principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity--the battle cry of the French Revolution--started to spread in Europe and around the world. Not all democratic principles were spread as a result of the French Revolution. The anarchy or political disturbance caused by the revolution had reached not only in neighboring countries of France, it has also reached Spain in the 19th century.

Spain experienced a turbulent century of political disturbances during this era which included numerous changes in parliaments and constitutions, the Peninsular War, the loss of Spanish America, and the struggle between liberals and conservatives De la Costa Moreover, radical shifts in government structure were introduced by liberals in the motherland.

From tofor instance, a brief span of only 28 years, Spain had four constitutions, 28 parliaments, and ministers with portfolio Zaide Her colonies had gained momentum for independence owing to the cracks in political leadership in the motherland.During the time of Rizal and after his death the Philippines underwent its revolution from Spain.

The revolution was triggered by a number of events and people most notably Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio. Rizal with his education and wisdom from all around the world sought reform and equality among Spain, and Bonifacio wanted revolution. Jun 30,  · Rizal and His Times (19th Century) CHAPTER I.

JOSE RIZAL AND HIS TIMES (19 TH CENTURY) Objectives: At the end of this topic, the students are expected to: 1. Understand social context of Rizal’s time both in the global and local levels, 2.

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. Jun 13,  · delivered at the 5 corners library in jersey city, nj on december 20, dr. jose rizal essay and oratorical contest - under the auspices of the order of the knights of rizal, nj chapter and ladies for rizal, nj chapter in partnership with the philippine consulate general of new york the relevance of.

Jun 30,  · JOSE RIZAL AND HIS TIMES (19 TH CENTURY) Objectives: At the end of this topic, the students are expected to: 1. Understand social context of Rizal’s time both in the global and local levels, 2. Know the socio-political factors that contributed to the .

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send me this. the situation of the world in rizal time Essay NATIVIDAD BSIT-III In the time that Rizal was not yet born, the entire Philippines was still under the Spanish colonization, all the uprising of Filipinos against the oppression of the Spaniard did not prosper due to the advantage of Spanish weaponry in that time.

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