Writing a person specification job

The Person Specification Recruitment and Selection: The Person Specification The person specification is the single most important document in effective recruitment and selection. It enables you to do a number of things. It allows you to define the kind of person you want and so helps you to write an accurate job advert.

Writing a person specification job

In these cases, our services are provided on a minimum half day 4 hour basis or where time used is over 4 hours, a full day 8 hour basis. We will in every case advise you of these charges in advance of incurring them. Where a full day is used, we will absorb the cost of the travel time.

Unused purchased consultancy time rolls forward each month and remains on the timesheet for the duration of the current subscription. After this period, any remaining unused time is moved to our Social Impact account where it is used for our pro bono client work, such work being determined annually by stakeholder feedback.

A record is kept of time moved to the Social Impact account and time used from this account. Delivered by phone and email. All areas of employment law compliance reviewed and report provided showing areas of acceptable compliance and areas of concern, listed by priority.

All areas of employment law compliance reviewed, including contracts of employment, policies and staff handbook and report provided showing areas of acceptable compliance and areas of concern, listed by priority.

This guarantee is separate to our complaints procedure which can be used at any time during or after this period.


Unused purchased consultancy time remains on the timesheet for upto 1 year from the date of purchase unless an extension to this is agreed in writing. The time may be used in one go or in up to 4 sessions of 15 minutes per session.

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To qualify, organisations must: Documents with a greater number of pages will be classed as 2 or more documents at the rate of 8 pages of A4 print in 12 font or larger per document.Sometimes you want to get exactly the right person for your position and you'll want to put together a personal specification.

This is as opposed to writing a general job description. A person specification more fully describes the type of person who is most likely to be able to do the job satisfactorily.

This job description is not intended to be either prescriptive or exhaustive; it is issued as a framework to outline the main areas of responsibility at the time of writing Person Specification.

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A person specification states the minimum set of capabilities a person (the new recruit) needs to have in order for them to be appointed into a position. The primary use of the person specification document is to assist in the recruitment and selection of a new employee.

It’s important to keep in mind that many job searchers will bypass your introductory text and scroll straight to the job description and requirements.

writing a person specification job

Paint a quick picture of the job, with the most essential details, and include your company website. This guide was created to help you ace the process of finding a great freelance developer or a team, by showing you exactly how to write the perfect Upwork job description.

WHY USE UPWORK? Upwork is the largest freelance marketplace with 12M registered freelancers and $1B+ billed annually. The job specification is a tailored description of the vacancy, including the responsibilities and goals of the post-holder.

The person specification is a profile of the person you consider best fits the bill.

How to write a job and person specification